Slipcast Greenware

We have around 1000 greenware clay molds.

From plates to princesses, teapots to Tutankhamen’s bust and urns to umbrella stands.

These figurines are available to buy in store. We can also pour to order so if you’d like, say 10 plates, we can pour this and notify you when they’re ready.IMG-5404

We do not sell molds, however we do know some clever people that make them, just ask and we can refer you to them.




How the process of mold pouring works:

  1. We prepare 180L of slip (liquid clay)
  2. We set up our plaster molds
  3. Once the slip is at pouring consistency, we pour the clay into the mold
  4. While the clay is shrinking in the plaster mold, we keep topping up so there’s no watermarks 
  5. Once the clay has set to the right thickness, we pour out the excess slip to be reused for other molds
  6. After letting the slip dry to a point where it is strong enough to come out of the mold, we carefully undo the mold piece by piece
  7. Often we will need to trim up the mold to make it look good and smooth the joins
  8. We place the piece on our shelves for your viewing pleasure!



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