At Picassos Ceramics we have a diverse range of speciality decorating items, we have selectively curated a collection of locally produced, as well as imported pieces to help you create the desired finish for your pottery pieces.

Below is a small list of what we have stock in the studio.


China Paint
Decals (including blank)
Large Art Rollers
Liquid Quartz (non-firing food-grade sealer)
Mini Art Rollers
Overglazes: Gold, Platinum, Copper, Mother of Pearl
Potters Stains
Rolling Border Stamps
Rubber Stamps
Silk Screens
Stamp Mats
Tissue Transfers (including blank)
Underglaze Choxils
Underglaze Graffito Paper
Underglaze Pencils
Underglaze Pens
Underglaze Potters Pad
Wax Underglaze Crayons
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