Firing Service

We have 2 kilns here that we’re happy to put your clay pieces through, whether for bisque, glaze or overglaze firing.

We have very competitive prices and charge on a per item basis. Having conducted over 1/4 million firings we are fairly experienced with the stacking and timing of our kilns – your items are in safe hands.

The number of firings depends on the amount of items we have at any given point but you can expect a quick turn around of your item.



image of kiln

A few words on clay states and firing in the kilns:

Clay states:

Greenware: A piece of clay that has not yet been fired and is in its most fragile state. You can apply underglaze at this point.

Bisqueware: This is the middle stage and has reached a much less fragile state. You can decorate with underglaze at this point too but it will need to be covered with glaze to seal it. Or, you can apply glaze directly to the piece.

Final glazed piece: Has had a glaze firing and is ready to rumble. Be sure to check whether the firing temperature and the type of glaze has made an item food-safe or not.


It is very helpful if you know a few key things when you bring in a piece to be fired. They  include:

  • What type of clay you used
  • What temperature you want your piece to fire to
  • What glaze/decorations etc have been applied

We choose which firing to do based on whether we have enough items to fill a kiln load or not. You can often bet that we will soon be running one of the following firings:

  • Cast Earthenware bisque firing – Cone 04 at 1060°c
  • Cast Earthenware glaze firing – Cone 06 at 1000°c
  • Stoneware bisque firing – Cone 06 at 1000°c
  • Stoneware glaze mid-firing – Cone 6 at 1220°c
  • Overglaze (Gold, lustres, decals & china paint) firing – Cone 016 at 795°c

Other temperatures can be arranged by special request.

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